Meet the Cast!
Gunnar is a strong Viking warrior who is extremely sarcastic in nature. His name means Brave and Bold warrior which is a true testament to his personality. He is one that never hesitates to tell you what is on his mind or telling you like it is.
Gaius is a strong warrior and a great leader. He is a mild mannered and cheerful leader that looks to do what is best for others. While he has a soft heart you do not want to get on his bad side as he will not hesitate to strike you down with his mighty sword.
Eira and Tarben
Eira is a strong Viking woman and the wife of Gunnar. She likes to challenge others and shows that she’s as strong of a warrior as any man. Their baby Tarben is a sweet and friendly boy but follow in his father’s footsteps in terms of bluntness and sarcasm.
Thaddeus is a mighty Spartan warrior who has lived his life for war. With the war over, he struggles with being a member rather than a leader. He is highly encouraging and selfless but still possesses a strong desire to be a dominant member of society.
Kakashimoto is a stealthy and highly intelligent warrior that seeks peace and tranquility in life. He is one who takes up for others in need and has no fear. In the Hystoricals house he is always battling with Gunnar and gets revenge for others who are victims of his sarcastic nature.
Sir Humphrey Cornwallis
Humphrey is a British Redcoat who migrated to America in the 1700’s. While he has a very unique sense of humor that tends to sound insensitive to others, he is truly a caring person with a big heart. He’s good at playing along and tries to get along with everybody.
Takeda in constantly in search of inner peace and sees nature as it is. Sarcasm is often lost on Takeda as he takes everything others say very literal. While he is very mild mannered, he is very quick to attack and protect the honor of his name.
William-Lee Baker
William-Lee Baker is a confederate soldier who goes by the name Billy. He is a southern gentleman but not very educated and sometimes is socially awkward. He tries hard to fit in but has little understanding of how the world works.
Extra Characters
Dr. Michael P. Monkey
Dr. Michael P. Monkey is a college professor and the next door neighbor to the Hystoricals house. He has a split personality and often refers to himself as Dr. Poo and Mr. Heinie. He's a sarcastic genius and popular with the ladies. He's a wacky and fun character that is sure to keep you on your toes.
Jimmy is a neighborhood kid who is a very shy and introverted person that likes to hang out by himself and play pretend. When he wears his sheet he calls himself Ghost Boy and runs around acting silly thinking nobody can see him because he's a ghost.